Radio Isotope Scan

What is a radio isotope scan?

In this test, radio isotopes are injected into a vein and allowed to circulate. A scan is then performed, which picks up radio isotope uptake. The radio isotopes are taken up in bony areas of the body where there is inflammation and will help your specialist decide where the main inflammation is located that causes your pain.


This website is a patient resource compiled from information from leading spinal surgeons practicing in South Africa and complements the My Spine – Lumbar and My Spine – Cervical information booklets that you can obtain directly from your spinal specialist. You will find information about spinal conditions and treatment on this website.

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My Spine – Lumbar and My Spine – Cervical information booklets are now directly available from your spinal specialist. All patients that are undergoing spinal surgery in South Africa should have access to these booklets. Please ask your specialist at your pre-operative visit about these booklets.