What is a myelogram?

This test is performed with a contrast agent that is injected into the spinal canal with a technique called a lumbar puncture. The patient is placed on a table that can tilt and is tilted so that the contrast medium can run up and down the spinal canal. A CT scan of the spine is performed at the same time and images are then generated that can indicate whether there is an obstruction of the nerves of the spine. This procedure has mostly been replaced by MRI scans. It is still performed in cases where patients cannot undergo an MRI scan due to certain metal implants in the body and for other specific indications.


This website is a patient resource compiled from information from leading spinal surgeons practicing in South Africa and complements the My Spine – Lumbar and My Spine – Cervical information booklets that you can obtain directly from your spinal specialist. You will find information about spinal conditions and treatment on this website.

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My Spine – Lumbar and My Spine – Cervical information booklets are now directly available from your spinal specialist. All patients that are undergoing spinal surgery in South Africa should have access to these booklets. Please ask your specialist at your pre-operative visit about these booklets.